The Glassguns

Bursting straight back onto the live circuit with recently equipped bassist Adam Burrows the band feel more confident and assertive than ever!

Finalising their line up in early 2012, The Glassguns have found their niche and say “2012 is gonna be the year you watch us unleash everything we hold to stages across the UK”. Brothers Sam and Phil Farrelly, with Gaz Brittain and Adam Burrows started to play at local pubs and venues in Coventry and since then have played at numerous venues across the country that gave birth to some of the worlds greatest rock n roll bands.

Every live performance is about showing what we can do by delivering the most intense and inspiring set of totally self written material.

The Glassguns are all about progression, evolution and taking new steps, ensuring that the ever fuelled ambition to be placed alongside the bands that inspired them continues to grow.