are a three and a half piece British pop punk band based in Coventry, West Midlands. The story of their formation reads like a bad vampire romance. Legend has it that Nick Atkins arrived from Essex in the back of a burned out Escort with nothing but a guitar, a fake tan and an innate love for reality television. It had always been his dream to assemble a cohort of Joes to play alongside him so he set out to find the team that were to become Boundary.

Joe Orton was the first to be recruited. His heavy, driven drum sound was clearly influenced by his all-time favourite group – S-Club 7. He has become known throughout the local community for his intense stage presence and myriad of facial expressions which, although reports are unconfirmed, have been rumoured to cause partial paralysis if observed for long periods.

 The second to join was Joe Jelley. After being rejected by band across Warwickshire for being “too pretty” he auditioned for Boundary. Nick and the other Joe loved his distinctly different vocal style and his chiseled chin. Boundary had found themselves a singer and a secondary guitarist in one fell swoop.

Last to the party was the short of stature Joe Strudwick with his motto “half the size, double the fun”. Joe quickly earned the nickname “The Duracell Bunny” due to the energy he has when playing live. Never to be seen standing still his optimistic outlook and bass skills cemented the line-up.

Despite the shortcomings of each of the members, Boundary are a band with a professional attitude but still retain the heart of a group who love what they do and give it their all. Their music fuses together the catchy four chord melodies of pop punk with touches of quintessential British rock leaving songs that will have your heads nodding away or at the very least your foot tapping the floor.