The Blubeat Arkestra

The Bluebeat Arkestra are seven musicians from seven very different musical backgrounds.  Incorporating everything from guitar to rap to viola, theirs is an instantly danceable, genre-shredding sound.  Their energetic shows have established them as one of Birmingham’s most exciting live acts.  As one reviewer put it, 'if there's ever a band you want to be in, it's theirs!'

Their ever-expanding songbook is an eclectic but sharp fusion of funk, dub, hip-hop, dance and all stations in-between.  Be it the classy disco of ‘Runaway Mind’ or the pirate radio filth of 'Rinseout'; the orchestral electronica of ‘T.A.R.E’ or the Florence-does-Motown epic ‘She Beats Your Heart’, this is a band unafraid of writing memorable melodies to make you both dance and think.

The Bluebeat Arkestra’s desire for progression has seen them support acts including Little Dragon and Gentleman’s Dub Club.  They were also the first unsigned band to perform at the HMV Institute, a feat they repeated at the Birmingham Ballroom. Eager to champion new music, they curate their own night, ‘Hustle!’ at Kings Heath’s Hare & Hounds, one of Birmingham’s biggest live venues.  They have also set up a label, Hustle! Records.   Not bad for a band who, without management or investment, thrive on a strong DIY ethic.

They have released two EPs:  Waves, which featured dance remixes of their original track and hit number 5 in the speed garage charts; and the self-produced Brewbox.  Both received BBC airplay, and secured the band a live session for BBC Introducing.
Refusing to rest on their sharply-dressed laurels, 2012 will be The Bluebeat Arkestra’s busiest year yet.  As well as gigging extensively across the UK, they’re currently recording with various producers, including ex-Morcheeba bassist Leigh Gordon.  They’ve also found time to film videos with both Captured Music and award-winning film director Rob Brown.

Whatever happens next, one thing is sure: Whether headlining a festival or playing to five people; whether playing a birthday party or busking in a back-street, The Bluebeat Arkestra will make you dance