In 2011 we brought Oxjam to Coventry for the first time. Fundraising events such as ‘Coventry to Kiev’ a 'Salsathon' and 'Zumbathon', a 'Buskathon', to name a few, helped us raise loads of cash. Our Takeover was a huge success with many local artists taking part. You can see the highlights of 2011 below

The Buskathon

Oxjam Buskathon 2011

Oxjam Coventry took to the city centre on one very sunny day in July and entertained the shoppers with live music in Shelton Square.

We raised a fantastic amount of money on the day and even sold a few pots of our 'OxJAM!'

We are holding a buskathon again this year, and are hoping to have bands all around the city centre to really raise Oxjam Coventry's profile.

If you would like to get involved please visit our 'how to get involved' page on our website for your band/act to be considered for a slot.

The Takeover

Our Takeover day was a huge success too! 25 bands over 4 stages in 3 venues. Check out the selection of the great artists we had playing at our Takeover!

The Struts


Pickerbale Craic

Coventry to Kiev

                 Yes, it is how it looks.

             We painted this little old banger bright pink, covered it in Oxjam                     stickers....and then drove it from Coventry to Ukraine. And the little                 trouper even made it all the way back. Not bad for 500 quid                              eh. They just don't make them like they used to.....


         Our Zumbathon was a great success! The team went along and                 danced their hearts out to 2 hours of Zumba!

         We raised a fantastic amount of money thanks to the Zumbathon             teacher kindly donating her time for Oxjam (and Fitness First kindly          letting us use the venue and pop a collection box on the table at                 reception!)


Our Salsathon was also a great success! Again the team went along to dance their socks off and were treated to a night of Latino dancing.